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Adress : Horozluhan Mahallesi Uzman Sanayi Sitesi İlkay sokak No:20 Selçuklu / Konya / Türkiye
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Expert Brake and quality braking systems in the automotive sector we entered in 1985 between our customers to combine our past experience with today's technology to rise and continue to be among the brands mentioned on behalf of the industry. According to the most successful engineer in the field today, we are able to compete with world brands and our company which is constantly developing to compete successfully with a product quality.

As one of the most important systems in automobiles, the best options for brake systems are to stand on the sun. As Specialist Brake Systems, our preference is to provide the best quality products at the most economical prices. The company will make use of its expertise in the subject of brake systems, which is the main business of a meticulous company, in order to be able to build up a brand value and increase the value of the brand last day.

In the automotive spare parts sector, our company, which has succeeded in establishing a hard-working employee since 1985 when we first entered the service as a brake service, has the advantage of providing trouble-free service to our customers. Accelerating to a fast-paced automobile technology, which accelerates at a fast pace, our company adapts smoothly with its dynamic staff, and our company develops products day-by-day, giving customers more choices and choosing the best products.

Quality is at the forefront, he has invested his time on the date and time he gave his order, and the quality charm of our company, which does not know the limits for his work, continues to draw up his last day. To compete with itself every day and speed up in order to produce better, our company keeps a close watch on all the developments in the sector and aims to offer new services in order to meet the emerging demands. We are able to reach more people, institutions and organizations by increasing the time changes in the Expert Brake Systems.

You can achieve high customer satisfaction ratio at the same time with the quality of the services provided by our company which gives the privilege to work with the corporate brand at every stage of providing the necessary conditions to buy and receive brake systems. One of the most important differences that distinguish us from other companies is that we focus on winning more customers than making money. If there is something that our experience has taught us over the years, this is the best advertising desire.

This brand is completely free of value. Here we are producing our biggest investment as an expert brake family, keeping the quality of the products we offer to increase our brand value at the top, we continue to undertake the role of a solid bridge to bring the brake systems we have gained in the sector to our customers. We are still working in the Turkish market in order to become a world brand.

We know that it is important to keep up with the changing automotive industry, we continue to do market research to meet the different expectations of our customers while expanding our product range and responding to our customers' requests in the best possible way. In line with this goal, we continue our studies in different markets, we continue our necessary R & D studies and realize our plans until the finest detail. In our step, we continue to progress in the awareness of the responsibility we assume by thinking to our customers before us.

Expert Brake Systems, which has achieved to be among the best-known brands of today's industry with successful projects and high sales repairs realized in spare parts instructions and brake systems areas. It is our company's policy to make sure that all customers who choose our company to meet their needs buy the best quality products at the most economical prices and our customer service department continues to work diligently to ensure that every customer asks us to answer questions and problems as soon as possible.

I will not sign my gold, but our prin- ciple of not offering to sell today will guarantee that our customers will use all the products they buy without any problems
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