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Adress : organize sanayi bölgesi 2. sk no:3
Phone : +903382241610
Fax : +903382241612
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one-room studio in the small industrial sites with the Chief Hasan in 1977 as we began production moves with Torunoğlu nickname; today, 20,000 m2, an area in the main production operations Beet ripped Machine hydraulic and agricultural machinery Regarding Torunoğlu one of the most powerful companies in Turkey Agricultural Machinery Industry and Trade Limited Company We are continuing our activities as. Our company adopts Torunoğlu Brand as its main strategy to develop and grow; It is among the corporate brands that produce the most powerful agricultural machinery in Anatolia. As of 2016, Agricultural machines are continuing to develop with 3 kinds of Beetroot machine, mainly rotatiller, rotator, perpendicular rotatiller, sensory rotovator, branch splitting machine, shaft splitting machine with shaft and unshucked row anchor machine and frost bar. The corporate structure renovated in 2016, "Torunoğlu" Brand of Turkey in the commitment to the Agricultural Machinery Sector of the best-known brands make the target with çıktığımız ethical values ​​of our reaching company our goals this road and society are giving big ONE reputation in general. With the investments we made this year, we adopted the slogan of zero error with the help of CNC, vertical process, plasma, welding robots and test equipment. Zero error with the slogan we get our products manufactured in this way until the machine goes out of the raw material input fields are used with confidence in many regions throughout the turkey. Torunoğlu n Karaman'dan plant in the factory that dissociates from the soil, you witness the resurrection. The raw data we receive from our customers using our machines are transferred to the machine drawings in the R & D unit in the R & D unit and the incoming raw materials are presented to our valued customers by combining with the welding operations coming from the skilled hands of our colleagues who work for 39 years after the cutting and twisting processes. Every year our company aims to make innovations and changes by meeting the demands of our customers in their products so that their competitors have always been in the top ten. With the help of our consultants who support us, we make arrangements in a way that will give importance to worker health and safety and we produce with environmentally sensitive production at every stage of our production with the help of our professional colleagues. Even in today's challenging market and competitive conditions, we keep on making the best of our business without giving wood.
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