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Adress : Kocatepe Mah. Mega Center İş Merkezi C Blok No : 432-433-434 Bayrampaşa
Phone : +90 (212) 437 0337
Fax : +90 (212) 437 1274
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TEKSÜT was founded in 1950 by Recep ARINIK in Gönen town of Balıkesir. The early production focused only on white cheese at our dairy plant. And later on in 1990 the plant was moved to its modern current compound where we still turn out our products. 

In its production history of over 50 years, quality has always been the key asset for TEKSÜT, and the Company consistently broadened the range of its products.

Our journey starting with production of white cheese today involves a broad range of items in various packaging sizes; featuring a delicious selection of Kashkaval cheese, cheese spread, butter, spreadable white, labneh, milk cream, yogurt, ayran and authentic cheese tastes (Mihaliç, Çeçil, Dil, Circassian, Herb-Mix, Urfa, Plaited types of cheeses).

Operating at a compound that extends over 8000 sqms with an expert workforce of 250, TEKSÜT is capable of producing a wide variety of dairy products by processing 300 tons of milk a day thanks to the technological investment it has hitherto made.

In parallel to the strenuous efforts to produce a range of the most delicious products, the company also invests in quality, to take the service to a higher level of excellence; in 1998 the company was accredited with the ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Certificate and in 2005 Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system certification was earned. In 2010, Teksüt was also listed as 404th, among the first 500 largest industrial enterprises of Turkey.

The operation under the TEKSÜT brand is regularly monitored by TÜBiTAK and the staff goes under training sessions on a regular basis. Milk supply collected from the farming regions, is drawn using industrial equipments and the output is transferred to the factory on vehicles equipped with cooling systems to prevent bacterial proliferation. This is the key to obtain the top quality and delicious products.

In line with the targets set for export operations TEKSÜT carries the "Made in Turkey" seal to a variety of destinations around the world, from USA to Iraq.

Delivering its hygienic, healthy and delicious products to your tables without any stoppages along its cold-chain, TEKSÜT is proudly leading the market both with its unique brands and perfect taste.

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