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Adress : Tatlıcak Mah. Uzungeçit Sk. No:18 Karatay / Konya / Turkey
Phone : +90 (332) 290 25 03
Fax : +90 (332) 290 25 04
Company Profile
SMM MINING is your logical partner in your projects with its human focused approach and continious technological innovation in the production; which is supported by high technological machines.

Covered area of 2,000 square meters, located in Industrial Zone of Konya Mainland manufacturing facility and Karaman / Kâzımkarabekir'de the stock and cutting area of 50,000 square meters/years with the activities to continue.

Mining quarry;
1 Excavator, Loader 1, 3 Mountain Cutting Machine, 4 Wire Cutting Size Machine, Drilling Machine 2, 1 Electric Air Compressor, 2 Titano, 2 pcs water bag.

In our factory;
1 Polishing Machine (3 +12 +1), 1 horizontal splitting machine, 1 Epoxy Line, 1 Trimming Machine, Auto Dialer 2, 2 Automatic Sizing, 1 Edge Crusher Machine, 1 Antique Machine, 2 Manual Cutting Machine, 1 Marble Polishing Machine, Marble Cutting Machine 1, 1 Anchor Machine And in addition to the recent technological investments that we have done, in the name of better meet customer needs utilizing our 3 ST Block Cutting machine. So that the desired size blocks and strips more quickly, directly from the cooker will be released out.


Pasha Black
Pasha Black has dark black colour.It calls attention with very high gloss retention.It is project stone exactly, what reflect the nobility of black.Our black stone represent to a lot of project what it has the perfect beauty of nature. 

Pasha Grey
Pasha Grey has a solid structure and it is very usefull.So It is prefered to floor ,exterrior and elevator coating. It draw interest with grey colour in Middle East Market specially.

Pasha Ice Grey
Pasha Ice Grey calls attention with grey and white colour and hard and patterned structure. It is preferred building and floor coating too. It got involvedin a lot of Project at Netherlands, Israel and Switzerland. It has a fantastic structure. So there is increasing demand daily. And so that it was wanted at projects in recent years.
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