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A change in the history of the world lived in our country a short time ago. In Sanliurfa Göbeklitepe, the facts brought to light in the day caused the rewriting of history. The main one of these changes is that the motherland of wheat is the Anatolian lands. Since the years of 8000 BC, wheat is being processed in these soils and it preserves its place in the headquarters of our tables.
The consumption of flour, which has been made in recent years as a result of scouring campaigns against the use of white flour, has caused great damage to the country's economy, producers and industrialists, which has decreased 4.5 million tons of flour, which is 10 million tons per year. But oddly enough, no one in these claims has ever found any proof in these matters.
We have been dreaming for many years nowadays with such great scourging campaigns and we have succeeded in the production of Diabetic, which we have been working on for 3.5 years. At the end of the 1.5-year approval period, we were able to sell.
Slimini is the result of a great dream of Diabetic and a struggle to realize this dream. Slimini is our brand; With the slogan of "Based on healthy nutrition", the product range is being expanded and the researches continue without rest.
Slimini branded Diabetic, Light, Gluten, Light Gluten, Ligth Wheat Starch and Gluten-Free Plain Cake Mix and Light Plain Cake Mix.
The Slim; It is the brand of Konya Star Unları. Konya Star continues to work with years of experience and determination to be a pioneer in its production and sector.
You can get detailed information about our products on our site, you can buy our products from our sales site You can also learn sales points from this link. If you have any questions that you have in mind, you can review our Frequently Asked Questions page.
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