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Adress : Üzümlü Neighborhood 44775. Street Number: 2A Beyşehir/Konya
Phone : +90 332 524 68 98
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In the summer of ’78, Ahmet Kırıcı, born in a place of guns manufacturing, has inevitably met this old profession through his uncle.
Ever since he start working on first huntingpieces which was Single Barrel and Side By Side, Ahmet Kırıcı has been enamored with the perplexities of gunsmaking and the alluring charm that accompanies this centuries-old profession. What began as a simple interest, bloomed into a determined obsession, to become a real gunsmith.

After 13 years of experience achieved by woorking in Co-operative, in 1994, he started to make firsts Over-Under Shotguns, also being his favourite type of shotgun even today. 2 years later, in 1996, Ahmet started to produce first Semiautomatic Shotguns.

After a long way of 27 years, in 2005, the gunsmith make his dream come true by opening the doors of KIRICI SILAH (ARMS) and in less then 2 years succeed to export the first shotguns to another countries.

KIRICI SILAH (ARMS), a Shotgun Manufacturer, from Konya, Turkey, which has started her activities in 2005, leaded by Ahmet Kırıcı and his sons (Hüseyin, Alparslan and Kubilay), is producing and exporting, on more than 40 countries, shotguns like OVER-UNDER, SINGLE BARREL, PUMPACTION, SEMIAUTOMATIC and VERTICALMAGAZIN.

At KIRICI SILAH (ARMS) the quality of guns rise from a 37 years experience of an meticulous and passioned gunsmith who know that for a quality shotgun all its need is attention, precision and patience plus an up to date technology.
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