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Adress : Adana Hacı Sabancı OSB Suluca Caddesi No: 2 Sarıçam ADANA
Phone : +90 322 550 50 50
Fax : +90 322 540 40 40
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The reputation of KILIKYA TURNIP JUICE INDUSTRY AND TRAD INC. was earned with our style of business conduct: our statements, and the most important of all our actions, the items we produce, the services we provide, our attitudes and our behviours against others. We want to do the right thing as honest citizens and employees. 

We believe that all individuals can and want to utilize their potentials till the utmost. We appreciate differences. We encourage and provide possibilities for people with great expectations, to reach the high standards and hard to reach targets they desire. We behave ourselves honest against employees when their performances are at stake. We are convinced that doing the right thing in an honest way, will carry both the company and the individual to a mutual success. Our search for mutual success will tie us together. We will focus on our business in a strategic way. We will only have actions which add something to our business, and we will assign that kind of duties. We will simplify, standardize, and ease our business as much as we can.  

We appreciate big innovations for consumers with high esteem. We challenge moulds, and recreate our business style for a beter share in the market. We believe that every individual has the responsibility to develop himself and others continuously. We stimulate and expect extraordinary technical specialism, and perfectionalism. We want to be the best in all the fields which are of strategic importance for the company. We continuously measure our own performance both internal and external against the bests. We point a moral from our successes and our failures. We work with reciprocal trust between units, sectors, categories, and geographies. We are proud of reapplying the ideas of others. We have good relations with everybody who contribute in reaching our aims like customers and requirers.  

We are deliberate to do the best in the most important matters. We have a healthy dissatisfaction for the present situation. We have a big desire for becoming beter and be successful in the market. We feel respect for our collaborators, customers, and consumers and behave ourselves to them in the way we want them to behave themselves against us. We have trust in our skills and intensions. We believe that people work in the best environment of confidence. 

We strive to enlive the values and principles of KILIKYA in a solid way, and each of us is performing his duty for holding on the reputation of the company which is operating in an honest way.  We accelerate our product flow to retailers by taking care of the highest management and cashflow, and by having marketresearches in the right places for responding to the needs of customers.
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