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Adress : Konsan Organize San.i Böl.i Fevzi Çakmak Mh.10727 Sk. No:27 Karatay/KONYA
Phone : +90 332 346 11 20
Fax : +90 332 346 11 18
Company Profile
Our firm which produces pliable, boomed mobile crane, telescopic crane, hydraulic mobile crane for rescue, deck crane, timber drawing, spider crane and hydraulic attachments as well as custom designed cranes, attains a place among the most favorite companies between our competitors with the service beyond expectations principle.
We continue the manufacture of our On Vehicle Hydraulic Mobile Cranes with revising their project with our new vision following Europe. We continue our studies with precision and meticulousness as before in case of On Vehicle Mobile Platform, taking in the consideration that the product will shine on in terms of demand and at the same time we also show our difference with our special design projects which are not available in the market.
Most pronounced difference of our machines is that they are light according to their equivalents. Increasing implementation of the highway load limitation during the Assessments in the European harmonization drive the manufacturers to produce lighter equipment. We have the justified pride of manufacturing machines that answers this particular problem.
Our company which has satisfied the needs and demands of the domestic clients will take its place among the world brands by send out exports as of August 2012.
Our goal is to be become a global brand which highlights customer satisfaction which we provide by using our company culture, values, principles and energy and quality.
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