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Adress : Konsan Organize Sanayi Sitesİ 10728 Sokak No: 19 Karatay - KONYA
Phone : +90 332 346 02 42
Fax : +90 332 248 75 10
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GÜLSAN ISI; Heat equipments, Industrial Kitchen equipments and Gas equipments are active in the manufacturing sector.
Our company; Heating equipment and Industrial Kitchen equipment needs "Gülsan " It was established in 1989 to respond to the most economical way with the quality and the difference.
Our company;
We have successfully served our customers with heat appliances, Gas appliances and Industrial Kitchen Equipments, which we have produced since the establishment of our company.
If we will briefly list our products we have manufactured; LPG burner, LNG burner, Footed cooker, Set top cooker, Döner cooker, Restaurant cooker, Hamburger cooker, Coffee cooker, Toaster machine, Cookers, Ovens, Katmer-Yufka plate, Picnic plate, Roasting sheet, Grill, Patisserie car and work benches it is formed.
By following the innovations in the manufacturing sector of Heat appliances, Industrial Kitchen equipments and Gas appliances by providing contemporary management systems and meeting the needs of our changing and growing business partners with our professional cadres completely and quickly, taking the first place in the sector and providing the best quality and service to our customers, to be a company respectful to the environment that keeps customer satisfaction at maximum level,
Heat equipments, Industrial Kitchen equipments and Gas appliances in the manufacturing sector, as a quality of service, workmanship and material quality as a brand name " Gülsan" to be sought and named,
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