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Adress : ferit paşa mah.ahmet hilmi nalçacı cad.ajentacılar sit.4.kat no 93 /7 selçuklu konya
Phone : 0 534 772 36 71
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The  company is dedicated to export and import and connect the worldwide businesses, it based on  making an interconnection

with  buyers and sellers all over the world to protect both sellers and buyer from any kind of frauds. In the mean time the company

has a several contracts and deals with local Turkish companies to export their products exclusively to the worldwide.


No matter your language your boarders will be there  to assist you

Without wasting your time none your energy no need to loose your deals because  fake people scams and other problems just trust us.

we will be just right there near to you to make it easier for you to do your business without any difficulties.


Our products:


Wheat, Rice Corn, Lentils, Soybeans, Chickpeas, Sugar, Sunflower oil, Dried fruits, Nuts  Construction Materials,

Spare parts of  Trucks and Cars, women and man suits,  Man and women shoes, Heavy Equipment,

Agriculture machines and Equipment and fertilizers , Animals feed, Baby's food, and  Diapers.


Thank you for Attention.

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