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Adress : Akabe Mah. Şehit Furkan Doğan Cad. Adalet Plaza A Blok No:9/502 Karatay/KONYA
Phone : +90 332 458 28 28
Fax : +90 332 458 24 58
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An adventure that extends from the baranok family's weekend activity to the leading brand EGGY ...

This adventure began in 1971 near Konya on a 13-acre fruit garden taken to spend time with the family.

Priorities were taken to meet the fertilizer needs of grown fruits and vegetables 500 chicks. Just to make sure the farm meets their needs. Over time, this business, which started to overtake the father's business, reached commercial dimensions. The company, which is aware that the most important element to produce high quality eggs and make a difference in the sector is quality feed, was uncomfortable with the quality of the feeds on the market. For this reason he took another step to establish a feed factory. Unlike the animal protein-based feeds on the market for chickens, it started to produce feeds derived from plant protein. Although the chickens increased costs, the company that produced the feed from corn, wheat, soy and sunflower seeds and led the quality of the eggs started the branding process. In 2004, Eggy joined the company, which is a brand in the future. After this initiative, the company established a head office in Istanbul. Distribution of this center makes the eggy and Konya, Turkey took almost every type of national markets and the shelves in the deli. As a result of using natural feed, the eggs that are produced in standard production are packed in sorting machine which removes the human error from the center. Turkey's first TSE certificate egg eggy, approach without compromising quality of still holographic packaging on the market as a first place aldı.üniversit are made with R & D activities has registered the special egg production moving TUBITAK analysis.

In the egg, the brand is not stubborn; EGGY has succeeded to be a "brand" in eggs from egg to packaging. It continues to grow and develop by strengthening its place in the market with new kinds of products and new kinds of useful food items using natural methods.
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