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Feed the region in order to eliminate the need for Çöğenler mixed feed was founded in Konya in 1997. With a production capacity of 20 tons per hour Our company started production with the powder feed unit and changing the feed with an understanding of the development of the livestock sector is an important market share in a short time has had. "The feed quality, quality stability, with the slogan" today, which is built on an area of ​​25,000 m2 factory with the latest technology 3 pieces of feed pellets, powder feed unit ve1 one has a capacity of 80 tons per hour. Fodders are produced with modern methods and hands-free computing environment. Our factory with a wide range of products of bovine, ovine and poultry feed is produced. Dairy foods, fattening foods, feeds the sheep, lamb-calf feed, Dry Period-pregnant heifers to feed the needs of producers with more than 20 different alternatives to the type of product offered.

Kullanılmalıdır.Satın quality raw materials to produce high-quality forage from the control of all raw materials in the laboratory and then pass a physical check. Laboratory with the latest technology in the field of all raw materials purchased from specialist personnel and all feed produced protein, ash, fiber, fat, starch, and aflatoxin values ​​are cared for metabolic energy. Feeds produced are shipped to the quality control stage. Barley, corn, grains such as wheat with the latest technology for long-term preservation with a capacity of 10,000 tons of steel raw material silo 9 units, 32 units of raw materials and feed silo vertical and the other horizontal warehouses for raw materials that we use all the raw materials are kept in the best way. In recent years, despite the increase in production of corn in our area due to the region's climate, moisture content of harvested corn is high. For long-term storage of the corn produced in a certain ratio to be reduced humidity levels. For this reason, in 2008, with a capacity of 20 tons per hour of corn drying unit is operational. Our company combines technology, experience with emphasis on R & D activities related to the sector following the implementation of all the innovations in areas subject to intensive livestock farming in our country, not only in the area geçirmektedir.Firmamız dealer networks by creating a new sector on its way to becoming a leader. Breeders to take the most out of our products, technical support, the necessary work will be carried out meticulously. Breeders to make the correct care and feeding of farm visits and seminars in villages yapılmaktadır.Tarım animal feed and livestock sector continues to be the most important in the future as in the past, acting edecektir.Firmamız investment plans with this consciousness.
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