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Adress : Beck & Pollitzer Turkey Kocaeli Depot- İstasyon Mah. Köseköy San. Sitesi L Blok No:199 Kartepe/Kocaeli/TURKEY
Phone : +90 555 584 04 30
Fax : +90 262 373 64 94
Company Profile
We have offices and facilities in over 13 countries and more than 500 experienced workers all over the world, established in 1863, 150 years ago, and we are still privately owned with Bridgepoint Development Capital.
We can meet the complex demands of our customers with the best engineers and project managers and our experienced supervisor and installation teams.
Because we can flex our expertise according to the needs of our customers, we can adapt our business to quickly open offices in new countries from the introduction of new services.
We provide comprehensive engineering services to both local and international production and industrial sectors.
Our main job is to install and move machinery, including turnkey complex industrial project management. This range can be extended from the transport of simple machines within the existing construction site to the transport of large scale plant and production lines from one country to another. We can also provide support in a wide range of mechanical, electrical and piping solutions, control systems and machine modifications.
In addition to our machine services, we have a heritage that we are honored to offer a variety of machine support services. This range extends from the undertaking of lifting and crane leasing to the undertaking of leasing heavy industrial facilities for a specific purpose.
Finally, we offer special transportation and warehousing services, such as heavy freight and abnormal freight forwarding, to ensure that our customers move to where they want to be.
All of our facilities and services are presented together with the complex project management that can organize, plan and execute the largest and most complex machine installation contracts on behalf of our customers.
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